14 December 2012


The title here does not lie: Thrash Fest Attack is ten Malaysian bands blasting and grinding their way through 20 tracks of thrash mania. A couple of grindier acts (JAHILIA, HUDUD), but the majority here is pure SE Asian fastcore: SECRET 7, BANZAI 606, FAST GAME, MY PRECIOUS (a slight and welcome screamo tinge - these tracks are the highlight), XGAMPANGY, MAKHLOK PEROSAK, SHARON STONED ("Circle The Pits" is one of the most gloriously off Thrash2K jams I've heard) plus comedic blasting from JERITANXSEPI. You aren't going to find anything here you haven't heard before, but you WILL find kids from the other side of the world playing their fukkn hearts out for all of the right reasons. 


Anonymous said...

please reupload! I had this on my old computer and have a soft spot for music from this area

the wizard said...