20 March 2012


In case you need a little context, these Danes appeared on the World Class Punk comp tape a couple of weeks back, and these songs came off of the same tape that delivered the BÜLD recordings here and the KALASHNIKOV and L.U.L.L. songs at Escape Is Terminal. The ZERO POINT tracks that found their way onto the tape that supplied today's post are from the Murmur EP, tracks that would have made post-punk/pre-alt rock fans swoon when it was released in 1986. "The Preacher" is the standout jam here, dripping with post-SISTERS Wayne Hussey pretense...and ironically at just about the time Hussey parted way with Eldritch & Company. One instrumental number was on my mix tape that does not appear on the EP, and it serves as a nice cool down after these tunes - not sure if this falls into punk, post punk or proto something or other, but the tunes are great, and it means that there is yet another EP that I need to track down. Crap.

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Anonymous said...

i love their songs on the Lorteland comp, thanks for this!