30 March 2012


Not actually the last Friday mix tape (though I have debated ending the weekly tradition), but a relic from the Milwaukee Mix Tape Exchange that occupied our midwestern minds for one enthusiastic year...followed by one lackluster year. The problem was that most people seemed to enjoy making the tapes more than they enjoyed listening to the tapes they received, but I dare say that if folks had received brilliance like The Last Mix every month then our exchange would have blossomed. I've mentioned repeatedly that I am not the guy to start dissecting the nuances of black metal, but today's tape is packed with 80 some odd minutes of primal searing versions of it - all quality. The mix starts off with the song that I think is the best on the tape, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTER CULT's "Dauf Ull Eine," but the quality control here is excellent, and I think that even the uninitiated, the unfamiliar, or the timid will find something to love on this tape. Then again, I'm rather optimistic about your ability to let good sounds into your minds...maybe I'm wrong and you don't like good things?



I love it when you post the mix tapes!! Keep it up, something to look forward to every Friday!

zhollows said...

Well said about our sometimes beloved and sometimes agonizing Milwaukee Mix Tape Exchange. It had its moments and this surely was one of those moments. In the many exchanges this never crossed my path. Glad it did now!

the wizard said...