03 March 2012


More information about this band (or this release) would be welcomed. It came to me courtesy of a 25+ year old mix tape with nothing more than the band name and these four songs (other Danish gems were on the tape too, including killer pieces of L.U.L.L. and KALASHNIKOV sets shared on Escape Is Terminal) that likely made up an EP that I cannot seem to find any information about. Glorious and forceful post punk rooted in UK anarcho almost teetering on the edge of more mainstream sounds. Brilliant stuff.

Footage of BÜLD covering THE MOB in 1986 is here, the entire set is included as individual songs if you want to dig deeper. I especially dig the dichotomy of the spiky belt punk singer leading a band of sweater wearing dweebs...I really need more from this band.


Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for this rare stuff.
Little infos about Büld,
they made a tpae called "nox noctis", with 7 songs, you posted 4 of them, side A. Side B is "nox noctis", "burst", "big show".
It's been years now i'm looking for it.
They also made three songs on a comp called "stress". I have these songs if you're interested.
And also one song on a comp called "small town traumas".
Hope it'll help you a bit.
Very good work with your blog, thanx for all the things i discovered.

evilbuttmunkeh said...

the tracks you got here are from the Nox Noctis demo from 86
they had another with a about a dozen tracks called Lonelü in The Land from 85.
they were both released by Plague Tapes
Blud were also on the Stress compilation with the likes of Terveet Kadet from 1985. you can get that here: http://degenerik666.blogspot.com/2011/09/va-stress-tape-1985.html

don't know if they did anything else

Dk said...

This band is awesome. Talk about obscure. Did a little search of my own only to find both tapes that evilbuttmunkeh had mentioned are going for 50 bucks each on the bay-e. Crazy. Thanks to anonymous & evilbuttmunkeh for more info on this band and the link to that comp. And thank you Robert for...well, for everything.