29 March 2012


This wasn't my first band, but rather my first side project. After Dan left behind the brilliant ILLEGITIMATE SONS OF JACKIE O, moved from Tulsa to Norman and joined my band as a singer/weirdo/guitarist, he enlisted me in his psychedelic brainchild BRUTAL GARDENERS. Name taken from a dodgy Boyd Rice monologue, the two of us and his then girlfriend never played a show and never released anything, but made this document with a drum machine and a four track sometime in 1993. Is it essential? Maybe not, but I'm struck by how bizarre and freaked out some of these songs sound two decades later. "The Three Times I Changed My Mind" is still my favorite track (as it was then) - just small town closed minded weird surroundings put to tape, which is exactly what we were.


zhollows said...

Weird, and kinda good. This is actually pretty good/entertaining for small town closed minded weird surroundings put to tape. It was certainly better then what I was doing in 1993 in my small town/city closed minded weird surroundings in Wisconsin. Heh heh. Hooray for early 90s weirdness!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty boss