26 March 2012


A buddy of mine was in town a few weeks ago, and we were talking music (not exactly an uncommon occurrence). He asked if I had heard CONDITION, a new side project of sorts from Southern California. I told him that I had not, but after hearing tales of their bombastic cavernous approach to raw DBeat (instead of the tired but effective "make it distorted" method) I was intrigued and set out to track down this tasty shell. I didn't have to look far, because before our conversation was even over I received an email from Sam, the brainchild behind this outfit, and three days later I was blasting this chaotic morsel at 6am (neighbors loved it, I'm sure). Exactly as described, CONDITION sound huge, and emphasize the power rather than the high end hiss - piercing shrill feedback permeates the whole session but it sounds like noises trying to seep in between the cracks, a welcome nuisance instead of a key component and it gives the whole session a disconcerting feeling. The brief breakdown that closes "Complete Fucking Robbery" into the mid tempo (dis)charge of "Complacency/Drudgery" seals the deal...can't wait for the upcoming vinyl slab. Kills.

Hard copies from: sambosson(at)gmail(dot)com