27 March 2012


There's something in the water in Carbondale, Illinois. Last time I was there I swung an axe at some dude's head. It was pretty fukkd up, very uncool, happened 15 some odd years ago and totally not related to this cassette, but it happened. STARING PROBLEM, PARLOR, and now AUTONOMY...almost makes a fella want to move there. Well, maybe just hang out for a few weeks and see some shows? These kids trudge through dark and anxious punk tunes with the forceful determination that I remember from SF's PHANTOM LIMBS, but AUTONOMY seem to be more rooted in KBD punk grooves and are trying to reconcile that with a clear affinity for early post punk and goth. The songs are awesome, their construction is flawless, and "No Need" might be the heir apparent to THE MOB's "I Wish." What if ICEAGE were raw punks and featured bass solos? Whatever man, this shit rules.

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic.


nick said...

excellent!!! tack