24 March 2012


I suggest listening to the admittedly rough rehearsal tracks first, so you can get a handle on what HEALTH HAZZARD are  going for before you treat yourself to their crucial (if criminally short) two song demo. Once the edges were smoothed down and they decided that they deserved a proper studio session, these kids cranked out an under the radar two song banger well worth your time. Nearly three decades old, these are still the sounds that kick me in the ass - vocals barked with youthful insistence and razor sharp guitars cutting through the mix. The plodding pace of "Picture Show" suits the bleak lyrics perfectly...classic simple UK punk. Members went on to form REFUGEES, and the live bit from today's tape can be found over at Escape Is Terminal.


Anonymous said...

This is great. So stripped down and jangly as anything. I'm proper chuffed to be hearing this on a Monday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I saw this band back in 82 and they hit me like a ton of bricks, my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. Although they were pretty fast and loud you could tell they had catchy tunes there with it. They kicked some serious ass. Shame they didn't play London more than they did.

Unknown said...

its weird there studio stuff sounded like zounds,theres one track on bullshit detector3, but live there almost Hardcore..
they were going to do an ep on riot/clone but due to lack of cash it didn't occur..there an apology to them on riot/clones 3rd ep..wonder what it would have sounded like though