13 March 2012


I mean, it was the '90s and there were no rules. You could sound however you wanted. DRIVE LIKE JEHU into pop punk? No sweat. Chaotic mind fuck noise rock crashing headfirst into heavy prog with really weird vocals? OK. This reminds me of HICKEY for no logical reason whatsoever - maybe just because it is really good and it sounds like they don't give a fuck if you like it or not. 


zhollows said...

To me, Cucsifae was a less popular (in the US at least) Fun People. I haven't heard this tape in forever though, so.... Yay!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to so many interesting albums I might have never gotten the chance to hear.

What I really came to say was.... Is that crying little Argentinian holding his dick, orrr....?

Anonymous said...

Amazing! i have this release on three different versions, the original, the remixed with different parts of guitar/voice and this... the track names are wrong.

Toxik Boys said...

Maybe some people doesn't know, but Lucas Sequeira (Fun People guitar) started Cucsifae around 93-94 as a parallel project. Gori Loncharich, (Fun People 2nd guitar) started Fantasmagoria (acoustic relax music) circa 2000 after US tour. When Fun People pass to a better life, "Nekro" Rodriguez (FP vocals) started BOOM BOOM KID (BBK), in the same line with FP. CUCSIFAE were the best for me, the ACERCA DE PERSONAS CD is one of the best argentinian "punk" released ever, their first CD is great too!

Thanks for this post, and escuse me for bad english.