11 March 2011


I cannot fathom someone looking into the world of Tim Kerr and not being inspired. Inspired to do something - to create, even if no one else pays any attention. This mix tape was made by Tim, and features just a tiny sliver of a musical output spanning three decades. THE BIG BOYS are included, along with BAD MUTHA GOOSE AND THE BROTHERS GRIMM (the first Kerr band I heard, they came up to Norman a few times a year when I lived there), KING SOUND QUARTET, LORD HIGH FIXERS ("Godzilla vs. King Baby" is a hopelessly awesome swamp stomp, and the closing track on the tape successfully harnesses Pharaoh Sanders and meshes with a '60s beat movie soundtrack music - amazing), POISON 13, MONKEYWRENCH (with Mark Arm, one of my favorite collaborative supergroups) and JACK O'FIRE (whose cover of "Joe McCarthy's Ghost" defies description). Soul filled swaying rock from NOW TIME DELEGATION and two stunning tracks from TOTAL SOUND ACTION COMMITTEE complete the collection (their 11+ minute "Freedom" is mesmerizing, even though the end gets snipped). The tape was made available to those who bought his Your Name Here book, a collection of Kerr's paintings that highlights the people who have influenced him to create. Listen to the music, look at the art...the worst that can happen is you might feel like doing something.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is not what I expect when I come here for music downloads, but it is truly great! The Now Time Delegation tracks especially are right up my alley. I knew that Tim had continued playing music after Big Boys, but had no idea that he had made this much interesting stuff. Thanks for this one, and please, more unusual and off the beaten paths tapes!