20 March 2011


How many bands just like this must have existed in every region of the US in the mid 1980s? Frustration pounded out in the form of fourteen bursts of adolescent hardcore punk from a mystery town called Mahopac - draw a triangle using Poughkeepsie, Yonkers and Danbury, Connecticut as your points, and Mahopac would be in the middle, not likely a thriving center of hot hardcore action.  I would compare them more to California punk (their later appearance on a Mystic comp would suggest that I'm not alone in this), though a clueless and gloriously inept vibe is present from start to finish and gives the whole demo its sprinkling of fairy dust that makes it a winner. Tracks like "Elmer's Pud," "Butthole Buddies" and "My School" pretty much confirm my teenage suspicions, and ABUSIVE ACTION will satisfy any cultured lo-fi '80s hardcore monger. 

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