15 March 2011


Epic and masterful dark hardcore from Oakland, NEGATIVE STANDARDS take politics into the future of hardcore without turning their back on the brilliant personal-is-political crust of the '90s. Throw in a touch of German metallic hardcore, and don't forget samples and electronics to shroud the whole thing in mystery. Half of ACTS OF SEDITION are in this band, if that matters to you (it should), and the band members contribute as much as they create...worth your time in so many ways. The whole thing is packaged with photos and a big ass, impossible to file, black envelope, and it all looks fukkn bad ass, which takes the '90s thing over the deep end in the best way possible. Get the tape here, or here, or selfishly choose to not actively support the band or their labels and just steal the music...with my help, of course. I'm only here to help.

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death and decay said...

super rad dudes....i believe they're touring the southwest in may. go see them.