06 March 2011


And why not stay in Toronto for another day? It's a very nice city, the health care is comprehensive and inclusive (and well worth the extra tax hit), and I once passed out in a phone booth covered in my own vomit there. On a subsequent visit I snuck into (well, walked right into) a TV studio and watched THE CURE play a few songs on air (Robert Smith looked, as one tour mate put it, a "bloated booze whale"). TV FREAKS are from Toronto, and they play edgy garage punk that reminds me of a more tuneful and slightly less dangerous FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. They are very good, much like the city they are from. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my God, I love this. Anyone who doesn't enjoy it is dead inside. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

cool, thanks for posting this!

if anyone wants to buy a physical copy, go here:

some copies should start surfacing in your favorite distros in the next few weeks (hopefully). if you want to carry some, feel free to get in touch AT teeveefreaks@gmail.com!

Kevin said...

this is ill. stupid name though.

Anonymous said...

kevin is a stupid name. idiot dummy.