03 March 2011


These dudes were kind enough to mail The Escape a coupla tapes last year, but I get easily distracted and POOR CHOICE is just now making its way into your earholes. I could tell you that this demo features 7 hardcore songs in well under 6 minutes, and has songs like "Government Jerks," "Thrash Can" and "Midwest Nobodies" and you would probably get the idea, right? But that wouldn't clue you into the dark and ugly guitar tone (I know it's a lofty comparison, but the guitar sounds like fukkn VOID), and the vocal delivery is awkward and perhaps initially off putting, though I think it's the one aspect of POOR CHOICE that completely seals the deal. The dudes that used to be Frankenjew now call them selves Eat The Life, and they are responsible for this mess.

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trev said...

friday is on us again it's comp day been a while since you posted an anarcho comp tapes from the uk maybe today.you wouldn't happen to have any irish punk comps also do you have anything from stalag 17 or paranoid visions.