19 March 2011


This tape was in a pile of gems that Devon placed in my care for a while, and since I know Devon as I do, I was not surprised at all to find this South African split cassette amongst the heap of Bay Area thrash metal and South American pop punk. OUTRAGE are female fronted anarcho-crust, and their three songs would have fallen right in line with bands of the same ilk making similar sounds in the US or Europe around the same time (1995), but with a drummer who seems like he'd rather be in a metal band (a pairing that works well for the most part). 

With OUTRAGE I only have a lyric sheet to go on, but unfortunately the only tool at my disposal to help with DIMINISHED RETURN is a little friend I like to call "google." Also from South Africa, they farmed members off to THREE CHORD THEORY after their demise (I know this only through the website of the Malaysian band CARBURETOR DUNG), and created classic punk. "Jungle Jive" is a pure burner, and will rev your inner pogo machine to maximum RPMs (and help you recover from the flute laced first track that left you all confused inside). Great shit, with a subtle ska flare that doesn't detract in the slightest. I wish I had more from both bands to offer, but three apiece will have to suffice.



Susana Garcia said...

please may i have this?

the wizard said...

This one is dead until further notice.