18 March 2011


I shouldn't need to convince you to check out '80s international anarcho/punk/hardcore comps, should I? If you need convincing, then trust me (that should be all you need). If you are still leery, then I'll tell you that No Justification includes tracks from HATE THAT SMILE, MEDIA CHILDREN, BROTHERHOOD (their tough ass youth crew is a welcome treat on this mostly punk comp), TT TASK, Greece's GULAG, EVE OF THE SCREAM and more. Little information about several of these bands, and a few never appeared to have made it to vinyl, which is a shame since every track here is at least solid (if not great). And if you still aren't convinced, then I'll start to tell you how much time I spend every week ripping, editing and uploading these multi band comps - seriously, that's a lot of clicking and typing.

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Anonymous said...

I think your regulars all appreciate the work you put into the blog--I certainly do. I'm listening to this right now, and it's pretty sweet. Thanks!