02 March 2011


SUBNORMAL unleashed this complete scorcher in 1983 and then seem to have faded away. Excellently crafted UK82 punk played at breakneck speed and with fukkn stellar guitar leads that appear sporadically so the listener still gets excited when they swoop in. This demo features 13 songs, five of which appeared a few months back on the Slaughter Of Innocents blog (clearly these tapes came from the same source material, as they feature the same blips and clicks from duplication). I named the tracks based on the lyrics I could make out, so my apologies to band members if I screwed it up (of course, you could rectify this by dropping me a line and setting the record straight). This one has been on repeat all morning, just killer killer tunes - get yourself some.

1 comment:

the wizard said...

01: Christ Died
11: Damage Case
Still can't decipher tracks 6 and 12...which are different takes of the same song.