27 March 2011


If you are visiting Terminal Escape on a Monday, then it's very likely that Spain's INVASIÓN need no introduction, but if they do need an introduction then read on. From the start, their's was very professional approach to raw DBeat hardcore - everything is perfectly distorted, the highs are perfectly piercing, the vocals are masterfully affected. It's all completely intentional, though that doesn't make it any less perfect. After this four song demo, INVASIÓN dished out two twelve inchers in rapid succession and graced the US with a killer string of live performances before morphing into DESTINO FINAL and gracing us with more of the same madness. Get the records, or just listen to the demo - you win either way.


Anonymous said...

helll yeah something good after a shit day at work
thanks again !

fritz said...

Geräuschpunker saugt.

nick said...

guille is my copilot