05 March 2011


CRUCIFUCKS. I can't think of a band before or since who has approached them in pure, unpolluted weirdness. Doc Dart is from Mars, but his Jerry Lee Lewis meets crazed hobo routine never seemed even remotely contrived. The songs were plodding deliberate punk, like if FLIPPER had been good (yeah, I know FLIPPER are important in the same way that CRUCIFUCKS are, but don't try to convince me that most of their output isn't garbage), but there are these bizarre hooks in their tunes that combine with Doc's 
vocals to create a legendary band. Like the little picture box says, this recording (good quality live sound, not great, but good enough to enjoy) is from Toronto, between the release of their self titled LP and Wisconsin, and features Doc Dart between song banter at its finest. He really gets going as the set rolls on, but the band is on fukkn fire the whole time. This comes through the glorious world of tape trading, slapped onto the flipside of what was then the newest ELECTRO HIPPIES demo....awesome.

Here's an interview with Doc Dart circa 1984, not packed with bizarre outbursts or anything, but a good quick read: Look At Kill From The Heart


Lo-Res Viscera said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this.
The first "hardcore" band I ever saw; they were scary back then, and I loved every (short) minute of it!

zhollows said...

In the summer of 1989, my best friend at the time brought over two of his older brother's tapes to listen to while we nerded out in my bed room with comic books. One was the Descendents and the other was the Crucifucks. The Crucifucks have always been one of my favorites since that day. My first introduction to punk that wasn't my parent's Ramones or Clash records. Thanks Wizard!

james said...

ha ha ha ha this band always made me laugh at how bad they were.

Anonymous said...

bad my foot!

Steve Shelley was on drums motherfucker!

grant behrens said...

Any chance of this getting re-uploaded? Thanks!

the wizard said...