26 September 2014


There aren't even words for how good this is. SOCKEYE dudes incarnated as an Oi! band gone knuckledragging metal...and yeah, it's as good as you think want it to be. Of course it is. 

Kindly get the fuck out of my way ma'am, so I can enjoy Oi! music like a fukkn man
I'd ask you to come too, but your brain ain't fully formed
I can fukkn tell cuz your head isn't shaved - Oi!
- "Date With Oi!"
Physical copies from Rescued From Life


Blacktooth said...

"Oi sweatshirts make you warm. / Oi-Oi boots will cause you harm."

"Oi sweatshirt, warm for life... OOOOOIIIII!!!! ....WARM."
Thanks for the post.

G O D said...

hey this is still for sale!! did food or Poopy approve of this posting?? great tape,but it should not be posted yet!!

the wizard said...

Food and/or Poopy are more than welcome to ask me to take it down. And yes, the tape is still for sale and every punk between Alabama and Jupiter should buy a copy. Note link in original post to facilitate purchase.

GRK. said...