06 October 2018


I don't know man, how much patience do you have today? Where is your bullshit tolerance threshold? Because this collection of guitar noise, nonsense and the unapologetic brutalization of americana standards will push you to your limit. A Jason Wade (RESIN, COCKESP, FAGGOT) affiliated project, THE RAGSTOCK land somewhere between experimental early SONIC YOUTH, MILK CULT and a twelve year old with a tape recorder, so you are welcome to do whatever you like with that information. 

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Jason Wade said...

Hello, this is Jason Wade. Firstly and most importantly thank you for appreciating my efforts enough to share them I’m particularly proud of this effort and the loss of Patrick from my life is one that I feel all the time as he was one of the greatest people I’ve ever known and one of my very best friends.

First off all this is a Christmas album. Secondly, Patrick (who died last year) was a client of mine who lived at group home. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to indulge his/ they/ her (Patrick was a very gender fluid) specific diagnosis but the group home company catered to people with diagnosises such as mental retardation, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, downs, etc.

Patrick approached me one day and she informed me that we were starting a band, the band was called “the rag stock band” (named after a thrift store we liked) I was told we were doing a Christmas record and that I was to play guitar. We also performed two shows.

Patrick wanted to play drums and we build him a drum set out of pots and pans and buckets and whateve... we recorded on a 4-track we found in the garbage, and his outfit was the Elvis Presley costume I made him for Halloween.

I’m extremely proud of this album and I feel amongst other things it showcases the beautiful way Patrick’s mind worked and the great love that Patrick and I had for each other. I miss Patrick everyday, definitely one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and a true maniac... more hardcore than any motherfucker I’ve ever met (and I’ve met a lot of hardcore motherfuckers).