11 October 2018


It's been fukkn years since these French maniac graced these pages, and honestly it's been almost as long since I've crammed a TELECOMMANDE tape into my earholes. Well....if I was trying to make the heart grow fonder in the face of forced longing and prolonged absence, then it worked! 2013's En Ligne De Mire was their final release (as far as I can tell) and as you can see, my copy came to me sans artwork. The band cared enough to send me a final errant cassette (though apparently not enough to hit the local office store and run me off a copy of the cover, but I swear I'm not complaining), and the twenty minutes of fun contained in that blue plastic shell are as appreciated as the thought itself. High energy, infectious punk rock a la SOVIETTES or THE SPITS, with a lazy synth casually carrying the base notes of each riff like an adoring puppy following its human around the park on a Sunday afternoon. I'm pretty sure I fukkd up the track IDs (it was late), but I'm also pretty sure that my mistakes will not negatively affect your listening experience....because you will be dancing too hard to notice.

Find my blithering on the two previous TELECOMMANDE releases here, though the links to the actual tracks are long long dead. Their bandcamp, however, is still very much alive. 

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