05 October 2018


Filthy rock 'n roll is almost never a bad thing, and that's certainly the case with this 2012 recording from Montreal's NAUGHTY GIRLS. Scumbag vibes throughout, with an early GG by way of Ben Weasel vibe in the vocals and a pace perfectly suited for stupid drunken outbursts. And that's what makes it all fukkn great, so much so that the little flourishes like the slight tempo ramp up in "City Councilors" and the brilliant four-on-the-floor simplicity of "Don't Wanna Die" are almost lost in the general blanket descriptors. But make no mistake - this one is worth a look into the shadows...there's serious quality lurking back there. 

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Anonymous said...

I clicked their Bandcamp link, listened to a few songs, and came right back here to download the hell out of this thing. Great find.
What you do, with both your blog and your music, is a real labor of love and I hope you know a lot of people truly appreciate it.