10 October 2018


Comparison are the laziest way to try to describe music, but sometimes the shit is just so out there that one's only recourse is to relate the sounds to something that you already know...something that you can put your finger on. So, while CURVED DOG doesn't sound like THE FALL, they share the same angular abrasiveness. And while there are only a few moments where I can actually say "oh man, that's some D. Boon shit right there," I still think that MINUTEMEN probably approached songwriting in much the same manner as CURVED DOG. And yeah, I want to say that somehow CURVED DOG land in between Sonic Death and ERASE ERRATA...even though objectively that doesn't make any sense at all. But that's how I compartmentalize CURVED DOG, and these are the things I think of when I pull out this 2013 demo. I also think that "2nd Hand Patois" is nothing short of brilliance, and that the guitar work on In Defense Of Plagiarism is actually closer to James Blood Ulmer than to D. Boon, but I digress....

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