17 October 2018


Seeing SALLY DECKER at the SF Electronic Music Festival a few weeks back was pretty incredible (as was the entire festival, to be honest). Her performance was subdued and calculated, simultaneously vulnerable and powerful - whispers shouting at the top of her lungs behind a wall of engineered sounds. And Sally transfers that kind of deliberate intensity into MULTA KNOX...an artist that forces you to give all of your energy if you want to reap all of the rewards. Living Pearl - as a casual listen, as background sounds - is excellent. It fills the room and provides a perfect diversion. And if that's all you need, then I am sure that Sally would be fine with that. But if you want more, if you are willing to give yourself to these forty minutes the way those minutes deserve, then you will be rewarded. A journey through sound and emotion, a sonic experience that gives so much more than it takes. Listen to "A Body Holds Still" at volume...the created and artificial blending with the encroaching real world....and know that this is us. 

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