25 October 2018


I've created the "garage hardcore" subgenre and I know that's a stretch to some, but I swear that Pennsylvania's DORKFIT teeter on the edge of garage fastcore when they fuck with damaged and demented addictive light speed punk with lazy SoCal bar drunk punk vocals and riffs like the killer two note banger that makes up "Orthodox Punks Fuck Off." By the way, they have a song called "orthodox Punks Fuck Off," so you should basically be sold anyway. It's raw and distorted fukkd hardcore punk from the future and from the past - I hear MINUTEMEN as much as I hear DIE KREUZEN and it's from Mars and from some 23 year old hipster in cool pants....all at the same damn time. The point is that DORKFIT are that goddamned good, and I hate them for it. 

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