09 October 2018


NOTE: edited on 10 November 2018 to indicate that the CARDIAC ARREST posted here is, in fact, not CARDIAC ARREST from St. Louis, Missouri, but rather CARDIAC ARREST from Linköping, Sweden. Same era, similar style, different band. Groveling gratitude to Tompa for pointing out my error...there's even a fukkn Swedish address on the back of the tape, but the photocopy is shit and I simply missed it. Even (especially) Wizards make mistakes. 

In 2000, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? released a CD with tracks from our first two recording sessions and we called it The First Year. Shortly afterwards, our pals in TEAR IT UP released The First Four Months disc in what seemed like a crafty move in a jovial game of oneupsmanship. Now....who the fukk are these Swedish mutants with this First Three Months shit?! 16 tracks in three months? Y'all are just showing off! They back it up, however, so all my bloviating is just sour grapes. Full throttle Midwestern US hardcore with vocals that make me think of Jerry A more than once. There's no moral here, no profundities, just a some anecdotes and a collection of ripping punk rock songs written and recorded over the course of three months in the early 2000s. 


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Tompa said...

This is the Swedish CA, not the American one.