14 October 2018


SHIT COFFINS hit the road wit these Tokyo rippers a couple of months ago - sweetest dudes, and absolutely raging on stage. Many bands have a live energy that cannot be harnessed by magnetic tape, and I don't think I'm alone when I say that this is even more likely the case when the the bands are from Japan. And still, I don't think people knew what hit them when COMMUNICATES blew through town. Full throttle, maximum energy, and non stop positive vibes....plus Koki's leads are just ridiculous. After a decade in the game, their discography is limited to two (excellent) EPs and a split with SQUARE THE CIRCLE, and now this raw ass seven song banger that they recorded themselves before the tour in August. I'll get back in the van with these four gentlemen any damn day - 行くぞ!!!

(COMMUNICATES at Bert Vaughn's Desert View Tower. Jacumba, California)

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