16 February 2018


I only saw these kids once, and I left the show wondering what the actual fukk they do to teenagers in San Francisco....because TSA were true freaks. A rare crew of native SF punks, I gather that they have been pals since they were young tykes, cutting their collective teeth on local '00s mutant punk and Bay Area Hardcore while discovering all of the nuggets the internet has/d to offer. Richard is noisy, fukkd up, damaged hardcore pegged in the red - hot and saucy like grandma's turkey. I can't talk about influences or any broad reaching sub-scene, because as far as I can tell TSA were (are?) just a bunch of kids from The Avenues who created their own thing, and created it on their own. Respect. Get weird, get distorted, get bent, get down. 

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fugly bitch said...

You had me at "hot and saucy like grandma's turkey."