24 February 2018


These Spanish punk set the mood even before their first track really kicks in. It might be just a simple bass intro, but the vibe is there from the first note and all suspicions are confirmed when the rest of the band joins in. From Xixón on Spain's north coast, NEURA are loose and unhinged, dripping with '80s attitude and fronted by a singer with a whining snarl that simply must come naturally. A small touch of the '00s Danish nostalgia for '80s California, but with plenty of Southern European fire. "Bajo Control" is the banger, a mid paced number that begs for action surrounded by up tempo action with raw garage rock recording quality. But mostly, whatever it is....NEURA just have it. Even casual listeners will be hooked from that bass intro, and I can assure you that it only gets better. 

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