12 February 2018


I've talked about late '90s ChicagoLand hardcore before, but it seems logical that greatness warrants an occasional revisit (this time to the suburb of Elgin). Sure, everyone knows CHARLES BRONSON, but it's the smattering of contemporaries (whether from the same "scene/s" or not) that put the metro area on my mental map of essential DIY bastions. PRONOUNCED DEAD, PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES, LITTLEMAN COMPLEX, DIED AT BIRTH, MY LAI...and this little banger from DANGER MOUSE. Fierce fastcore reared on early 625/Slap-A-Ham fodder and presented with a youthful irreverence that is simply impossible to fake...sometimes I think you simply can't be this pissed if you aren't a kid. Six songs in just under four minutes, DANGER MOUSE blur riffs and blow minds; it's real and it's pure. And more than 20 years later when you hear that dismissive yet decisive "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" that closes the demo, it still feels relevant. 

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i literally just pulled this tape out over the weekend and thought to myself "i have to find a way to rip this"