19 February 2018


I feel like BLISS THE POCKET OPERA are a "love it or hate it" kind of band. Their sound is almost goth but occasionally almost anarcho punk, the vocals are just a hair off of what could be considered beautiful and teeter on the edge of being super annoying at times, they don't swing enough to dance to, but they aren't pretentious enough to be true dark goth freaks. There are rhythms that conjure up mental images of afternoons wasted at Renaissance Fair(e)s....and still I fall into the "love it" category. "Merry Go Round Games" with its flute taking the lead and the tempo build up at the end before that borders on some Fiddler On The Roof shit before the band chants and picks up the tempo for "Geda" to close this short three song offering. I can't tell you why I like them, because every descriptor I can offer just makes them sound like pretentious drivel...but it's fukkn great. I've shared two other demos on these pages, both were received to mixed reviews (Tribal Dance is one that I have no reservations about - it's truly excellent). This short demo is a live recording from 1987 - and while I'm pretty sure that BTPO benefited greatly from the tools that a studio setting offered....? I'll still take it. 

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