26 February 2018


Sometimes I think that ANINOKO is straight up the most important DIY band in the Bay Area. Four Filipino immigrants living and working here, surrounded and influenced by their community and shaped by the distance between them and their families, they take honest hardcore intensity to a new level. While whatever flavor of the month band is singing about abstract death and/or despair or perhaps the perils of wars that they will never know, ANINOKO speak bluntly about the problems associated with donating money to mainstream aid organizations and class separations in Philippines permeating every aspect of society (the first track on this demo, "Aircon" addresses this in the context of something as simple as air conditioning). They talk about the social struggle of the immigrant communities they are a part of, and they sing about the reality of raising families while being separated from their families. And if you don't want to get heavy....? That's cool, because they also rip. They translate well on studio recordings, but (as with most, if not all, good hardcore) they are best experienced live....which I will be doing this evening at El Rio in San Francisco. 

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