15 February 2018


Hastily recorded, shoddily duplicated (in the van while on tour, no less), and sloppily presented, this demo has all of the hallmarks of a total throwaway....except that it fukkn rules. This São Paulo/Washington DC project burst to life in 2016 and embarked on a substantial North American tour with THE PESSIMISTS....my face was melted at the Oakland gig, and this three song demo is all that I have to show for it. I bought a single too, but I was drunk. It happens. This tape is supposed to have five songs I think, but mayhaps they should have let the edge dude/s in the band and on the tour be in charge of duplication because my copy only has the three (now that I listen, I might have edited poorly, and there might actually be four...oops). And they are all screamers. Ripping, snotty, open throttle hardcore punk with vocals that have a noteworthy ferocity. Real Talk: "Pesadelos" is the bangingest track you will hear today. Dudes from COKE BUST, LOTUS FUCKER, CANKRO and loads more, in case that shit matters. It should. Get amongst it. 

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