25 February 2018


I've oft lamented the gradual migration of raging political crust to "out of vogue" status. Perhaps it's because I am simply antiquated and refuse to change with the times, or maybe I simply get bored if it's always midtempo all the time and there's a chorus pedal on everything all the time. Or maybe it's because I feel like there's always a way to push crust shit further, whereas dark/goth punk sometimes just is what it is (eg - Karoline and I recently saw a band in Oakland - they were great and we both really enjoyed the show. But neither of us had any interest in listening to the band again or going out of our way to see them, just because they were so "by the books" and we couldn't really imagine how they could make themselves interesting to us within the confines and subgenrefication they had placed on their band). INTERCISION is a metallic political crust band. So naturally there's subgenrefication happening here and you more or less know what you're in for when the band starts (and they start right out of the gate with atonal speed picking and ruthless blasts until the guitar takes it and they are fukkn in it before you have even started digesting), they are absolutely ferocious and I find myself welcoming every new blast and respites like the intro to "CTRL ALT DLT," even though you know they are just setting you up to get leveled. The fasts are absolutely sick, the tonnage that they bring to the table is staggering...and I truly hope that there are packs of rabid maniacs throwing beer all over the room while they play. And I hope that those maniacs go home and read the words (that are, at the very least, about something, and I thank them for that) and I hope that they think. And I hope that they are inspired. Maybe just to start their own band....but maybe to do something bigger. 

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