10 February 2018


If you were around at the time, then you surely know. Rarely have I ever (and I emphasize ever, to make it clear that I mean to encompass the entirety of my show-going and punk living life) seen a band that approached CONDENADA's intensity. At the beginning, they were simply "Megan from REACCIÓN's new band" but that changed quickly as these four wonderful people combined forces to create something truly and genuinely special. Munch was such a casually bad ass bass ripper, so chill that it looked like she wasn't really trying. Megan's guitar always seemed like she was writing and playing riffs that were just out of reach of her skill set, and I attribute some of the band's sonic edge to this effect. Trash is still one of the weirdest and loosest drummers I've ever seen or played with, but when you hear (or feel) through the chaos, her pocket is impossible to fukk with....and then there'e Merm. Pure unabashed power. Period. Perhaps "pure" is the single best description for her vocals, or perhaps the only description necessary is of the chills that would fill every inch of my skin each time I heard "This Fight Is Ours" or "Not Yr Victim." They continued sporadically after members scattered (today, only Megan remains in Chicago), and I spent a few (oddly) quiet hours in the driver's seat driving them up and down California in the late '00s, genuinely humbled by their connection and their comaraderie. Not Normal compiled all of the recordings on this cassette a few years ago, and while I do not think that any piece of this music can compare to seeing CONDENADA in the flesh, the power is there, and the power is undeniable. 

"I am my own...I am my own worst enemy"

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