23 February 2018


A couple of months ago I was at a show in an Oakland record store. Karoline and I were in the front, talking to some friends who were (justifiably) giving me a hard time about cassettes. Specifically how many I currently have and my constant pursuit of more. They asked Karoline how she felt about my focus on a dead (but living) medium, and Karoline responded by looking past me towards a bin of cassettes sitting under the New Arrivals record shelf and asked me, "Whoa - is that a NATURAL CAUSE demo?" I followed her gaze, noted that it was, and happily paid $1 for this three song recording from 1990. We saw Eric (NATURAL CAUSE guitarist, later LOST GOAT and currently FRISCO) a few weeks later, and he didn't even remember the recording or the release....which is a shame, because it fukkn smokes. My first thought was that the Temp demo comes off like later DIE KREUZEN with the fire and energy that DIE KREUZEN seemed to abandon after 1983 or so. Karoline thinks it sounds like PLAID RETINA, but my interest in that band wanes after the Lookout! EP and 12", so I can't comment there but it's definitely a compliment in her book. This recording was also available on VHS (because...1990?), but I'm happy I have a wife who's always looking out. Choice track: "The Quick And The Dead." 

Also: Send me your tapes. Preferably the old ones. 

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