01 July 2015


A little something different for you, my friends. Maybe you want some weird christian outsider rock with a singer who is (sometimes) a dead ringer for Fred Cole, especially noteworthy on tracks like "The Kids Were Tough As Nails" and "Ineligible Contestant For Life." Somewhere between the story telling style of DAVID ALLEN COE and freaked out acid drenched space folk crashing face first into your annoying dad jamming in the garage after a few too many Old Styles. One of many greats I've scooped from the bins at the St. Vincent de Paul in Albuquerque, second only to the antique mall near my mother-in-law's house for potential scores. I've seen the private press vinyl issue listed for sale as "garage punk," which makes me laugh a bit, buyer beware!! Favorite tracks: "Different Shade Of Love" and "Old Hippies." 


Anonymous said...

This is the type of stuff that distinguishes The Wizard from other blogin' jabronis. That and his clockwork like consistency. Ein Prosif!

K said...

Thanks a million for this genius psych pop from a dusted Masshole Gene Clark.

Anonymous said...

Different but actually cool to listen too
Thanks The Wizard !