09 July 2015


I remember when I first heard this band, after everybody kept telling me they were the second coming of NEGATIVE APPROACH or some shit and I was just like....meh. But I can assure you that if I had heard this demo instead of whatever less than stellar vinyl release (I honestly don't remember which one it was) that I would have been frothing at the mouth like everyone else was, because this is bare bones USHC at its finest. Released in 1991 in a quantity of 50 (what the fuck?), these 15 songs are stripped of all the extras until nothing is left but pure punishment. It's not heavy, the riffs won't melt your face, it's not faster, it's not tighter....but it's fukkn right. I listened to to a few of the records after I pulled this bad boy out a few weeks ago, and I still think this is the best VOORHEES has ever sounded. This was reissued as a flexi sometime later in the '90s by Armed With Anger (because good luck getting one of the tapes), so you can own the physical manifestation of this magic if you're down to hunt. Or you can just jam mp3s on the bus tomorrow morning. Fukk man, this is so good. Blast "Death To The Pigs" into "H.C. Rules" every day going forward, and your life will seem a little more worth living. Trust me.


The Gobbler said...

The first Voorhees 7" with "God Squad" and "Build More Bombs" is quite similar and quite excellent. A number of songs from the demo appear on it. Subsequent releases didn't measure up.

Punk Mocoso Radio said...

Thanks for sharing wiz