10 July 2015


Another discount discovery, this mysterious double cassette seemed too interesting to pass up for a few dollars and, as usual, I made a good choice by purchasing a cheap mystery tape. Very mellow, sometimes to the point of being background music, but often disconcerting if you listen carefully (as you should, obviously), the sparseness of tracks like "Distant Drums Eating Henry" is as off putting as the piercing "Nest" and the terrifying "Swallowing Bees," and all of them will leave you on edge. Every aspect of Terminal Swan Songs seems calculated - sometimes the tracks are so casual that you can actually forget they are playing ("Sympathetic Orbits"), and sometimes they are so brilliant that you don't want them to stop ("The Man Who Invented Gold," as an example). There are more than two hours of sounds here, and I'm sure that many of you will move right along to the next hardcore gem, but (as usual) the adventurous will be rewarded with a truly interesting and eclectic collection of sounds...compositions that will both intrigue and engage. Also, in the last few years, this dude has cranked out a TON of shit, so if you like it then dig the fukk in.

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