30 June 2015


WON'T BELONG sounds like early '00s fastcore/hardcore reborn for new millennium punks and thrashers. Heavier on the breakdowns, and some killer awkward start/stop riffing, but the breakneck whirlwind of tracks like "Expectations" is like a time warp. Vocals are at their breaking point from the word go (sadly, there are not actually any GO!s that I can make out), and the recording is treble heavy and completely in your face. That WON'T BELONG is excellent should come as no surprise when you look at the members-of list involved (FOREIGN OBJECTS, ORCHID, VACCINE, RELICS, DEATH EVOCATION, and loads more), but a simple list of cool kids would take away from the power dished out by these five tracks. Soundtrack to your day: "Refusal."

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Cut and Paste said...

Such a great release. It saddens me that it was a one time thing.