13 July 2015


This one is just....I don't know. Fukk. So much power and so much noise and so...so fukkn insane. I snagged a 12" from Osaka's NATÏONSTATE when I was there in 2006, but didn't know about this cassette until a few months ago. Over the top insanity. Blown out Japanese noise/crust. Two studio tracks, two live numbers and 63 seconds of noise linking them all together. You know what to expect by now, and I can assure you that this is what you are looking for. Folks from NATÏONSTATE went on to LAST SENTENCE, in case that's the sort of thing that encourages you...but really you shouldn't need any encouragement today.

 Packaged with flyers and inserts and inside a screen printed box as well - this one is almost as good to look at and dive into as it is to listen to....almost....

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