03 July 2015


I know that history somewhat relegates STIKKY to the joke-band category, maybe it was the lyrical content? Perhaps the artwork and/or hilarious liner notes? But take a minute to listen to those fukkn drums and find a hardcore band that was playing faster in 1987...or any year since for that matter. An absolute blur of teenage angst and fart jokes, these three kids from Santa Clara were relentless and the tracks hold up brilliantly today. So good.

I was feeling generous and re-upped the "3D-and-a-half" demo, because if you need eleven STIKKY tracks, then you probably need 63 more. Also threw in a live Gilman set from 87. You're welcome. 



stikky will forever remind me for my friend aron who took his live 3 years ago brother you are missed

Anonymous said...

thanks for this

Anonymous said...

Really cool and fun and with all that tupatupatupa drums!
Your posts rule Wizard!, and thanks for scan all the art and that all good stuff
really appreciated :D