08 July 2015


I sat on this one for a while...those eyes on the cover just chilling on the shelf while I slogged through review shit or bargain bins scores or whatever other things happened to worm their way to the front of the line. Admittedly, the line can get pretty long at TEHQ, but I have no excuse whatsoever for this one. I kept saying to myself, "yeah, I know it's gonna be good, but this other stuff is a mystery so I'll check it out first." This is the wrong thing to do when there's a PILLAGE demo waiting for youJust relentless and powerful and...fierce hardcore. They blast when they want, they break down into fast parts, eschewing the mosh completely aside from the odd intro, old fashioned more than old school, PILLAGE strip away all the pretense and use power. Ugh...this thing is a monster.

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