06 July 2015


1987 collection of outtakes and live tracks from a band that should need little introduction. If you are like me and think that Martha Splatterhead is "fine" and More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral is actually not really essential at all, then I suggest you get into this cassette immediately. As the title suggests, these bangers all pre-date their first studio platter, and everything contained in this plastic shell is fukkn gold. The later stuff here flirts with the crossover/thrash they would become famous for, but way more punk tracks then I was expecting (foolish, I realize, given the timeline of these recordings). So yeah, I shouldn't have to talk about the band, because you already know them - you just might not have known that they were this good. That's why I'm here...you're welcome.

Was it colored by hand...? Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!! I used to see this on tape trading lists but never got a dang copy; sometimes I saw it for sale as well at much too dear a price for me. Thanks again!!!



Anonymous said...

apparently i still need to download this as this has 4 tracks not the cd version!!
too bad there is not the song 'God Drives A Blue And White Car'
kiss ass track from their early time!

K said...

AMAZING "Symptom of the Universe" cover.