17 July 2015


Straight up: this is the best demo I've heard in I don't know how long. PRESSING ON quietly dropped this absolute monster a few months back and I was speechless when I heard it...Grant's guitar is unmistakeable and Will's voice is every bit as powerful as expected, but these boys hit a spot that I haven't had tickled in quite a long while. This is as close to perfect as you'll find on the internet...or anywhere else for that matter. Listen to the breakdown on "Breaking Through" (dude, when that breakdown falls right back into the rage....? It's magic) and you'll think I'm right. And then you'll listen to "No Capitulation" and you will break shit. Seriously, shit will be broken.

  I look around, and I don't know what to say // overwhelmed by all the bullshit that's headed our way // the future may look dim, but I know one thing is true // I'm gonna rise above this shit if it's the last fucking thing I do


Blacktooth said...

Thanks for this and many other things. Isn't "pressing on" a Gauze song? Am I an idiot? Yes, maybe. I like Gauze and NK6 and Low Threat Profile and Geriatric Unit and Pregnancy Scares and other super fast pissssssed-off stuff. Is that power-violence? Do we have to put a label on it? Prolly not. It's fucking fast as shit and sounds good. I'm 37 and some of this I heard 8 years ago and am still listening too it all the time. Beating my head against the bricks. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

this is so good! thanks for posting this tape.