19 June 2015


I posted the 1999 demo from these São Paulo heavyweights last year, and now here's the bomb that dropped the year before. Fierce mid tempo mosh, crew backing vox that sound like an actual testosterone dogpile, this shit makes me revert back to the adolescent that I never was...and when they lurch forward with the uptempo sections of "Mídia" or "Respieto" I feel like even the casual listener should lose their marbles. CONSTRITO appeals on a very base level, and maybe you take a peek over your shoulder before blasting this in 2015 (there are cool kids lurking everywhere!), but once you get the shit into your earholes? Fukk it man, cool kids need to learn.

1 comment:

Ricardo said...

Thanks a lot for this!! You have the POINT OF NO RETURN demo? Would be awesome if you share it.

Cheers from Argentina!