04 June 2015


I know that there are a select few Friends Of The Escape that were really hoping that I was going to return from my recent tour with an armful of seminal cassettes from Soviet Bloc-era Mongolian metal bands, some weird South Korean psych, and at least one random bizarro Chinese one-off synth project from the '70s. Well, my friends...when I lose, you lose. I was secretly hoping for a tape (truth be told, I would have even accepted a CDr, but don't tell the purists) of early АЯСЫН САЛХИ recordings (because I know they exist!), but I didn't even get that...I did snag a CD of their 2008 full length, which is rad, but I digress. However, I found the tape stall next to the bootleg mobile phone stall in the black market in Дархан (Darkhan), just down the hall from the open air stinks of death anything goes sanitation optional meat market, and I scored a few Mongolian folk music tapes. So here you go, monkeys.


Anonymous said...

You know, this is good stuff. Very relaxing and agreeable. I'm sitting here drinking wine and listening to this, and I feel pretty good about life right now.
The fact that you get to buy weird, great tapes in places like Darkhan, Mongolia speaks to the awesomeness of being a musician. Here's hoping you feel good about life, too. You deserve it.

Vincent Clyde said...

From my last batch of downloads this was by far my favorite. Really set the mood while driving through northern Michigan en route home. Thanks for posting