10 June 2015


This comes up from time to time, and is perhaps only of interest to the more adventurous of you, but your curiosity will be justly rewarded. Five different tapes that made it into my life with little or no identifying marks. And to all the nerds (which is hopefully most of you), you see the challenge before you, the only question is whether or not you are up to it. So....are you?

1. Twelve tracks of chaotic industrial noise. Greatness is approached, embraced, and then cast aside over the course of one half hour. Cassette marked only as "ETC......."

2. Ten minutes of crucial grind/powerviolence. The completely unmarked tape was in a box full of master tapes and live recordings from '90s Bay Area bands, so I'm inclined to think this is from the same time/scene...but I cannot identify it. The recording is absolutely ruthless.

3. I feel like I may have shared this one before, and simply unearthed a double? Dual vocal fastcore/thrash that I think is from South America. The recording varies quite a bit from track to track, but the vocals are pretty consistent so I think this is all the same band...but I might be incorrect.

4. From the flipside of the DEAD FISH tape I posted a while back. The collection of Brasilian demos I picked up from Allan had many tapes with records dubbed onto the blank B side (like the WIDE AWAKE demo on the back of the DIASPORA tape). Someone with a better mental encyclopedia than me can surely pick this one out.

5. Live (at least mostly?) outsider shit-fi punk. Four tracks, all essentially inept, possibly from England, and endearing (if only for a few minutes).

Get to work, kids....


Anonymous said...

i'm afraid i cant help cuz the genre don't fit my taste.....anyway i got a question that probably got asked before but you'll get it again (sorry then):

instead of mp3 would it be possible to wav/aiff/flac files??? especially if you happen to have access to a fast internet where size of things you upload do not matter.

you might then also find it interesting to upload the music to the internet archive https://archive.org/

kingpossum said...

Love this stuff, thanks for the post. There's something liberating about the unknown--it dissolves predispositions based on band names, album and song titles. Cool.

the wizard said...

To the anonymous poster: I don't upload .wav files for various reasons. 1) I don't want to be responsible for anything that is "bootleg quality" 2) a lot of people have less reliable access to fast internet, making it harder for them to download and listen 3) it takes up more space on my file hosting site(s) and my computer 4) takes longer for ME to upload (yeah, it's a couple of minutes vs. a few seconds, but remember that I do this EVERY DAY, and often in the morning before work, so that's time I could spend eating breakfast or something, right?) 5) perhaps mainly, this is the way I've been doing it for six years, and it seems to be working pretty well. I don't need to upload everything to another site, I'm not trying to dump a pile of songs on SoulSeek or anything like that, the whole point is for visitors to TE to read my thoughts on, or my association with, the cassettes that I post, hopefully gaining some kind of connection (or interest) beyond the sounds themselves. Of course many people don't read and just go straight for the goods, but I can only do what I can do, you know?

Charlie Johson said...

Asked on Facebook and some guy came up with this answer for #2

"SFN from Wisconsin,2008 or those years session? songs are familiar on their Demo(fouled nest)"