13 June 2015


A more than compelling collection of sounds from Adel Souto's performance moniker 156. Minimal industrial crashing into full throttle sonic bliss (I'm talking "And The Crowd Calls For His Head" into "Expand And Contract," which is nothing short of perfection to these ears) is compelling, but the reward is the wait....punishingly sparse missives like "Leaving Without Dinner" positively beg for action, and the result is five minutes spent on the edge of your seat waiting. The start of "Blasting Away" comes off like a a modern adaptation of Barry Adamson that dissolves into more waiting, but fortunately the percussive "Compression" is in the wings. These are sounds that demand attention, even in their absence. I confess that my hopes were high, and Taking A Look At A Moment Lost easily surpassed them.

From Chondritic Sound, of course.

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